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I always knew I would become an artist. The desire was so strong as a child, there was no question in my mind. I drew all the time and loved it! I was an award-winning artist in my teen years. The Belding award for artistic achievement, first place in the L.C. Country art show (youth division) and various scholarships.

I followed my schooling with a 35-year career in retail marketing as an illustrator, designer, art director, photo art director and manager. I have been fortunate to work side-by-side with hundreds of talented artists and respected friends over the years.

I supplemented my corporate experience with fine art work, and showed in community galleries, organized a benefit art show, volunteered by helping with the presentation in local galleries, and painted on commission.

After 35 years, I found the retail world to be an ever-shrinking puddle, moving to fewer and massive stores -- and we, the community, are losing choice and individuality, as well as precious creativity and quality of product.

I saw the growing need to have a personal touch in our lives, and I have now chosen the road of a Craftsman. With that choice came a career shift. I took two years to study all aspects of classical Faux Finish. I wanted to see the breadth of possibilities available to me, and how they could combine to support each other.

I am now rejoicing in the opportunities to enhance and reflect my clients' personalities in their homes, businesses and lives -- be it color, texture or image, interior or exterior.

And I am enjoying the opportunity to once again employ that fabulous pool of mature, creative talent when time demands or the scale of the project allows. The creative process brings us joy in whatever form or function it comes in.

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